Who Are You?


Howdy! My name is Colin Diener.

As per my adventure so far, I am a 23 year-old professional who graduated from the Florida State University with a major in Information Technology. With more than eight years of web development experience, I'm here to ensure that your project succeeds.

Where Have You Been?

Discount Computers Inc.


Discount Computers Inc.

Service Technician

Florida State University


Florida State University

Helpdesk Technician

Florida State University (Seal)


Florida State University

B.S. Information Technology

Your Company Here!

Your Company Here!

What Can You Do?


Web Development

With more than 8 years of web development experience, I am a skilled developer in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and PHP.

I also have experience with the Apache Server, and NGINX as well. Be it managing subdomains or virtual hosts, I can have your website up and running in no time at all.

I may not know JavaScript's flavour of the month, but I have development experience in NodeJS, as well as a tiny bit of Angular. If you have a project that requires these, please allow me a little time to refresh my memory!



I have plenty of experience programming, be it for university projects or for fun. You can see a small range of the "For Fun" projects that I have completed over on my GitHub account. I am also familiar with Mercurial Version Control.

The languages that I am most comfortable in are Python, Java, Lua, and C++. I can quickly adapt to other languages and have proven this through the "Throne Ridge" project, which gave me very little time to learn a lot of Lua and a specific game's environment variables, hooks, and methods.

Windows Enterprise and Servers
Linux Desktops and Servers


I have more than four years professional experience working in a Windows Enterprise environment at the Florida State University, and have experience with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, PXE, Active Directory, and Group Policy Objects. I have also set up Linux servers as part of projects for work, class, and for fun. I have operated in both helpdesk and management positions, and can gracefully deal with difficult customers.

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