ARCS Database

The Admissions and Records Computer Support Database was a project completed in Summer 2017 in conjunction with Jacob Corey for the Florida State University. The previous database solution was a glorified spreadsheet, so we created a relational database and ported the data over.

The backend consists of 19 tables, 8 views, 2 stored procedures, 1 function, and 3 triggers to ensure that it stays consistent and up to date.
The front-end was made using PHP, HTML, and CSS. It focuses on having a functional yet aesthetic design. Additional features to sorting, managing, updating, and deleting data are regular automatic full-database backups, as well as a distributed permissions system to prevent all users from having access to all pages.

This project taught me a lot about database systems beyond theory. It also demonstrates my ability to work in a small team/fairly distributing workloads.

HTML CSS JavaScript SQL Linux

Positive Solutions Therapy

Positive Solutions Therapy was a project I accepted from a client looking to start their therapy practice in Sarasota, Florida. They required a custom website, along with scoping dedicated email hosting that is HIPAA compliant, and some assistance with branding.


SouthCo Website

SouthCo is a furniture company that supplies furniture for hotels and dorm rooms in the Tennessee area. They contacted me to redo their website, and it is estimated to be live some time late 2018.

This project allowed me to expand my communication skills in a professional manner, and provided me with the understanding of what it is like to work with individuals who don't have much time to go back and forth.


Throne Ridge Website

Throne Ridge is a small video-game modding group. We have developed several projects for Garry's Mod's TTT gamemode. We needed a website to show off our work, and we needed it within a short span of time.

By utilizing a pre-existing framework, this project demonstrates my ability to work with documentation and adapt to new technologies in a short span of time.

HTML CSS JQuery Bootstrap

The Matechik Law Firm

The Matechik Law Firm is a law firm that exists in Sarasota, Florida. They contacted me to create their website along with some design specs to help with branding.

This project further allowed me to expand my professional experience with communicating with customers on a limited time-frame.

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP - Mail API

Colour Scheme Designer

This was my final project for CGS3066. This calculates colour compliments, triads, tetrads, and analogous colours based off of user input.

I received full credit for this assignment, and it allowed me to learn more about how JavaScript works with numbers, as well as do some fancy maths.



Did you know that Namecheap will sell "discount" domains for as low as under a dollar a year? Neither did I until very recently. Need a quick password? Look no further!

HTML CSS JavaScript GitHub

Ranked Choice Map Vote

Ranked Choice Map Vote (RCMV) is a voting system that ensures the most desirable result for everyone involved. It utilizes instant-runoff voting to make sure that every vote counts equally, and eliminates voting bias. This project was programmed for Garry's Mod to select which map to play on next.

The programming language I used for this project was one that I had no prior experience in, so this gave me the chance to learn how to work with a fundamentally different language from what I'm used to in a short amount of time.

Lua GitHub

Snake (HTML5 Canvases)

I got bored so I remade snake using HTML5 canvases and Javascript. It's good for killing some time in-between waiting for classes to start.

There really isn't much to show off here. It's just something I did in my spare time.

Written in JavaScript and HTML5.

HTML CSS JavaScript

SpriteRipper / AutoCrop

A silly spritesheet ripper that will quickly turn a spritesheet into individual pictures for use in whatever project you may need. Originally written during the slow season of 2016.

Spriteripper is proof that I have experience working with GUI libraries, and can read documentation to create something neat.

Python GitHub


For some reason, not every current-day application includes an autosave function. The goal of this project is to mitigate that by including an automated manual save. Every X seconds, this program will send the CTRL-S keystrokes if the specified program is in the foreground. This only applies to the active tab. Written because an artist friend lost a few hours of work in Clip Studio, demonstrating practical application for the things that I can make.

Written in Python 2.7 using the pystray, win10toast, and other libs.

Python GitHub

DND5e Reference Bot

I play DND about once a week, and sometimes need a quick reference to monsters and spells. I could flip through the player's handbook, or I could just take the time to develop a bot to do that for me.

Written in NodeJS and utilizes Telegram's BotAPI.

NodeJS API GitHub